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  • Free Love Blue Sandstone Mala - "I Am Strength"

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    Free Love Blue Sandstone Mala - "I Am Strength"

    Sandstone is a stone of creativity.  It helps to build and strengthen the cohesiveness and solidarity within relationships. 

    This Mala represents strength and leadership.

    108 Mala Prayer Beads:

    All these Mala's come from a purely devotional place in Dharmasala India.  This is a sacred and holy pilgrimage site for Buddhists all over the world and the home of the Dalia Lama. 

    Dharmasala is located in the heart of the Himalayas and is a hub of devotional activities including many who come from miles chanting mantras to the Buddha on the streets and culminating at his holiness's temple.

    These Mala's are blessed on his Holiness's throne where mantras are chanted all day and night and pilgrims spin the prayer wheels, it is from this place these Mala's are born.